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About Us

Outstanding design and craftsmanship precision.

Utilising the timeless beauty of natural wood, especially the exotic kind we have  chosen due to its high resistance, Masuria Garden Furniture is an idea of comfort that came true as a result of manual craftwork reflected in every detail of the furniture.

The principle of perfect synergy

Discover the "Land of the thousand lakes" .
Discover our products and thanks to them move to Masuria and see the true beauty of this region from a different perspective. Our brand is a combination of nature with design, high-quality materials and functionality. We found the perfect match between nature, simplicity, cooking and people. Now it's time for you.

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Sales team

Sebastian Pawłowski

Owner / Designer
The wind in the sails, the stars shining on the water, priceless mornings wrapped by fogs of Masurian lakes, sunsets over the endless horizon of the sea…
Sailing has always been my passion and it is reflected in every aspect of my life.
In design, I follow the principle of balance, but I don't perceive it purely mathematically - rather as equal proportions of dreams, passion, and craftsmanship. This is my "Golden Ratio". And that's how the MASURIA brand was created.

Each project I create is a huge challenge for me - an individual attempt to combine functionality with a shape that triggers emotional responses. Attention to detail and
appropriate selection of materials allow me to create products that are reliable, comfortable and maintain consistent aesthetics. MASURIA is a tool to create a unique atmosphere, from culinary
variations and flavours born in fire, to the romantic evenings in the glow of the flames of our fireplaces. MASURIA has been created for people with that certain little twinkle in the eye; a little bit of inventiveness
will make every day and evening a special one.
Sebastian Pawłowski

Marcin Kaczyński

Sales department manager

Mateusz Mral

Sales department

Products made in Poland.

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