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  1. 1. Administrator – Sebastian Pawłowski, conducting business activity under company name „Firma Produkcyjno Handlowa BLENDER Sebastian Pawłowski” with main registered office at the following address: ul. Mieczysława Orłowicza 23/37, 10-684 Olsztyn, Poland, registered in the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG) database under Tax ID (NIP): 7411545851, National Business Registry Number (REGON): 511432132, postal address: ul. Olsztyńska 5F, 14-100 Ostróda, Poland, e-mail: info@masurialiving.com,
  2. Cookies – small text data files, saved and stored on Devices, via which the User utilises the Administrator’s website.
  3. Device – an electronic device, via which the User accesses the Administrator’s website.
  4. User – a person or entity to whom electronic services may be provided, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions as well as the mandatory rules of law, or with whom a Contract on Providing Services by Electronic Means may be concluded.


  1. The Administrator utilises Cookies via their website.
  2. The information gathered on the basis of Cookies is used to optimise the functioning of the website, as well as for statistical and advertising purposes.
  3. Cookies register website User’s activities, recognising their Device, ensuring that the website is displayed in accordance to the User’s individual preferences.
  4. 4. Solutions employed on the website are safe to Devices utilised by the Users to access the Administrator’s website. It is not possible to enable any transfer of dangerous or malicious software to the User’s Devices.
  5. Administrator utilises two types of Cookies:
    • a) Session Cookies: files stored on the User’s Device that remain there until the end of the given browser session. The stored information is then permanently removed from the Device memory. The mechanism of Session Cookies does not allow downloading of any personal data or confidential information from the User’s Device.
    • Permanent Cookies: are stored on the User’s Device and remain there until they are deleted. Ending a browser session or turning off the Device does not cause their deletion from the Device. The mechanism of Permanent Cookies does not allow downloading of any personal data or confidential information from the User’s Device.


  1. Users are able to restrict or disable access of Cookies to their Device. Using this option does not restrict the usage of the Administrator’s website, save for functionalities that due to their very nature require Cookies.
  2. Users may by themselves and at any time change their settings relating to Cookies, specifying the conditions for their storage and access to User’s Devices. Any above mentioned settings changes can be applied via Internet browsers or by configuring their service. The setting may be specifically modified for the given browser to block any cases of automatic Cookie usage, or to inform the User each time they are downloaded to the Device. More detailed information concerning abilities and means of Cookie management is available in the software settings (of the Internet browser).
  3. 3. Users may at any time delete Cookies via their chosen Internet browsers.
  4. Restricting usage of Cookies may influence some of the functionalities of the Administrator’s website.


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