Introducing Alpha!

We are proud to introduce the Alpha, our innovative smokeless fire pit and grill, designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience with its cutting-edge technology and sleek design. This innovative product is not just a centerpiece for your garden but a revolutionary way to grill your meals with minimal smoke and maximum flavor. Enjoy the warmth of a fire pit and the joy of a barbecue without the traditional hassles.

The Alpha Smokeless Grill/Garden Fire Pit is more than just a product; it's an investment in quality outdoor moments. Whether it's a family gathering, a barbecue with friends, or a cozy evening by the fire, the Alpha enhances every experience with its innovative features and hassle-free operation.

BOULE 1000

It is an extremely versatile device that combines the functions of a grill and a garden fire pit. Made of durable steel, it is available in two versions: black, covered with heat-resistant paint, and authentic Corten steel, which is characterized by a unique rust color. The structure of BOULE 1000 is based on three legs made of exotic wood, known for its resistance to changing weather conditions. The wooden legs not only add stability to the grill, but are also an expression of its stylish and natural design.

The grill is equipped with a plancha that allows you to prepare a variety of dishes. What’s more, thanks to the special construction, the plancha and the hearth can be leveled, adapting them to different types of ground. For even more culinary possibilities, an innovative grill extension can be purchased for the grill. An additional advantage is the cover (Lid), protecting the plancha from the weather conditions, which allows you to keep the grill in excellent condition throughout the year.