The kitchen is a place full of flavours and aromas, it is here where wonderful dishes are composed to savour them together with our loved ones. We decided to intensify the effect of warmth by using exotic wood to create countertops and decorative elements of the kitchen. The natural grain of the exotic wood uniquely blends with the colours of the kitchen, while providing high comfort of use.

Selected wood showing uncompromisingly high quality is also used in the production of sea yachts, meaning it retains its properties even in the most difficult conditions and under heavy loads. Furthermore, we have protected it with natural MASURIA oils, which will undoubtedly prolong its durability and emphasise its pattern more significantly.


The upper parts of the kitchen work zone in particular are exposed to very high temperatures. Because of that, we have made them out of durable, heat-resistant stainless steel. This allows the entire surface to be fully utilised for safe and comfortable cooking. The raw steel harmonises beautifully with the warmth of the wood. The entire structure creates a very harmonious and complementary visual composition.

The kitchen is available in two versions, as it was created from two different types of steel. Corten steel kitchen has the unique ability to change colour to “rusted”, the result o the natural patina formation process due to weather conditions. “Rusty” patina is not only an interesting colour, but also demonstrates protective properties.

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210 kg
160 x 74 x 120 cm

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