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KITCHEN narie Premium

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Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 160 × 74 × 120 cm

Black, Corten

A harmonious combination of the warmth of wood and the raw of steel.


The kitchen is a special place in every house - it is a place full of tastes and smells where we prepare dishes for ourselves, our loved ones, and our guests. We have decided to make this place even warmer by using exotic wood to create tabletops and an external kitchen housing. It is the wood which decorates furniture with natural graining. Moreover, thanks to the increased resistance to atmospheric conditions, it ensures durability and stability of the whole structure.

Not without reason, selected wood of uncompromisingly high quality is used in the production of seagoing yachts. The exotic wood retains its properties even in the most severe conditions, and under high load. In addition, we have preserved it with oil, which not only increases its durability, but also accentuates its graining and creates an extraordinary look.


The upper parts of the kitchen’s workspace in particular are exposed to extremely high temperature. Therefore, to create them we have used durable and heat - resistant stainless steel. It is possible to make use of the entire surface in order to prepare dishes in a safe and comfortable manner. Raw steel is in complete harmony with the warmth of wood. Together they form a truly visually complementary composition.

The kitchen is available in two variants as a result of using two different types of steel. “Narie Corten” KITCHEN is made of Corten type steel with a unique “rusty” colour. The unique colour is a natural patina, which is developed by the effects of atmospheric conditions and forms a natural layer to protect surfaces from corrosion. “Narie black” KITCHEN is made of black-coated stainless steel and it perfectly matches its surroundings.

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