juno 800

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Waga140 kg
Wymiary84 × 84 × 106 cm

Wind, water... Juno.

It is a fully professional tool which will meet expectations of the most demanding users. Its size allows for a comfortable work at both big events and small live cooking shows. “Juno 800” will work out both in restaurants and at home.

The ergonomic shape of the fire pit bowl and a special flange for wood support allow to transfer heat directly onto the internal part of a shaped steel board in order to heat it up rapidly. Thanks to our own system of air circulation, the process of starting a fire is quick and comfortable - “Juno” is ready to run after less than 30 minutes. The heat which is accumulated in a board allows for a swift thermal processing of food products with precious qualities of dishes being retained.

The board, thanks to its uniform surface, limits the access of harmful substances. “Juno 800” is equipped with a system which will rapidly allow to prepare the product to be used again.

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