GRILL 800 stilo

Functionality and ecology.

With its wood storage area, Stilo is a functional hearth that provides plenty of natural heat and allows you to cook exceptionally tasty dishes in nature. The wood in the dedicated storage area complements its raw design style wonderfully. Stilo has an ergonomic wood-burning hearth that makes maximum use of its calorific value with minimum consumption. The special board allows you to create a healthier and much more comfortable alternative to the traditional barbecue.

Airflow adjustment in the Stilo 600 version allows you to easily adjust the temperature of the board to your needs, while the Stilo 800 version, due to its size, has an optimised airflow system that does not require adjustment. The proprietary hearth cleaning system provides an additional advantage, quickly and conveniently allowing you to prepare the hearth for reuse.

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142 kg
84 x 84 x 105 cm

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