Introducing the vasari WORKSTATION, a key component of our modular outdoor kitchen collection. This versatile outdoor kitchen unit combines functionality and durability, catering to all your alfresco culinary needs.

The WORKSTATION is equipped with three spacious drawers, perfect for storing grill tools, eating utensils, and other accessories. In addition, it offers the possibility of installing a refrigerator, allowing you to keep your ingredients and beverages at the perfect temperature. A large worktop made of high-quality HPL (High Pressure Laminate) not only guarantees ample space for meal preparation, but also excellent resistance to weather conditions, ensuring it will serve you for many years.

One of the major advantages of the WORKSTATION module is its mobility. Thanks to its sturdy wheels, you can easily move it around, allowing you to adapt the kitchen layout to your current needs. This module also offers the ability to add a range of accessories such as a BAR, shelves, and many others, allowing you to customize it to your individual preferences and needs.

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61 kg
117 x 78 x 92 cm

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