STOVE nexo

The nexo STOVE will fill the space not only with a beautiful and calming glow from the flames, but also the warmth that will turn even a cold evening into a special moment. Its original style and atmosphere will transport you to the land of Masuria, where the hum of the forest merges with the lapping waves of lakes and singing birds.

The pizza module allows you to bake crispy bread, traditional pizza, pita, as well as meats and vegetables. Inside, there is a chamotte stone that keeps the temperature high and prevents food from burning. Quick and easy firing makes the stove ready to use in just 20 minutes. Inside, there are the perfect conditions for cooking food while preserving all the flavours.

High temperatures, reaching up to 400 degrees Celsius, make the baking time noticeably shorter than with other methods. The wood-fired oven constitutes a return to the roots and authentic flavours of traditional baking methods. This is how pizza is still baked today in traditional Italian restaurants hidden in picturesque and cosy tenement houses, and how bread is baked in Polish bakeries still cultivating artisan baking traditions. The smell of burning wood in the air, permeated with the aromas of fresh dishes, is a wonderful way to enchant the senses of our guests even before the dishes are served.

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78 kg
72 x 55 x 215 cm

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